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Wordmarks, Logos, and Usage Guide

UE and Unit Wordmarks and Icons

UE Logo CenterThe UE Wordmark is our main visual identifier. It is the core graphic used to identify operating units, programs, and initiatives. We create unit wordmarks following UC Davis policies and procedures.

The wordmark should be used with discipline including consistent formatting, not altering it any way, using appropriate scaling and proportions, and making sure it is visible and not hidden with other graphics and backgrounds. 

There are several version of the wordmark including 1-line, 2-lines, centered, all white, blue, etc. These versions should be used when the occasion calls for it.

All wordmarks are subject to approva by Strategic Communications. UE marks are available below - please email uedesign@ucdavis.edu for any issues.

Wordmark Usage

General Use

To ensure consistency, please use all wordmarks in accordance with the following:

  • Use only the electronic logo files provided by UE Communications. 
  • Scale the files proportionally. Do not stretch or squish logos.
  • Keep all elements of the logo together as a unit.
  • Maintain the minimum size standards.
  • Maintain the university colors; follow the wordmark color guidelines.
  • Keep the logo prominent.

Improper Usage

  • Try to recreate the logo,
  • Add names or other type,
  • Use the wordmark as part of a larger mark,
  • Stretch, squash or otherwise distort the logo,
  • Add or take away graphic elements,
  • Make the logo too small,
  • Put the logo over busy patterns, backgrounds or colors that obscure the readability of the logo,
  • Split the wordmark or exchange the colors in the expanded wordmark.

In addition, do not reproduce the logo by scanning a previously printed version.