Photography Resources

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UE's photography and videography services have been suspended in the Covid environment. We share some resources for existing photos.

Photography Resources

Campus Photos

  • UC Davis campus photos

    • Thousands of high-resolution, professional quality photos taken by UC Davis’s photographers are available through the UC Davis photo DAM. Logging in via Kerberos will give you access to a much greater range of photos than is available to the public. Photoshelter has an excellent lightbox tool for sharing assets within your team. 

  • UE Photo Collection:
    • The UE Photo Collection has been built up since 2012. It is stored on a Team Drive in the campus Google Drive. All UE staff including student staff may request access to the team drive. Please review the usage protocols.  You must access this through your UC Davis Google account. Per campus policy, we cannot grant permissions to personal Google accounts. 

External resources:

  • Canva offers extensive in-app stock photography. Consider joining UE's CanvaPro account.

  • Google Images searches can yield useful photos, but images may be licensed. Use the tools to search for images marked for reuse, and be sure to follow any attribution guidelines.

  • Wikimedia Commons offers photographs that may be shared; be sure to follow attribution guidelines.

  • Stock photography purchased from companies such as Shutterstock or Getty Images may be useful. 

  • Unsplash provides a collection of free images given by the world’s generous community of photographers.


In the remote environment, selfie videos, smartphone videos, and recorded Zoom interviews are all options for organic content. 

We have limited capacity to support video projects. Please email to inquire.