Hiring Student Designers

Hiring Student Designers

Many units hire student staff for their communication needs. Units with extensive design needs can hire knowledgeable, talented, experienced design students to create flyers and promotional artwork.

It is important to hire student designers who can create high-quality designs that follow the UC Davis identity standards.  Your unit's designs bear the UC Davis mark, and are expected to be of high quality to represent the university. 

Good design requires training. While all student positions in UE provide opportunities for mentorship and growth, your design students should possess fundamental knowledge and skills when you hire them, and they should meet with our design professional to learn the campus standards and UE design language.

Student Hiring Information

There are two ways to hire a student designer, direct hire, for a student you already have in mind for the position or open recruitment, for a position posted on Aggie Job Link. Once you have identified a student who has knowledge in design the process goes as follows.

  • Create or update a position description (see samples below)
  • Obtain approval using the Recruitment Business Approval Form 
  • Request recruitment through Shared Services Organization 
  • Interview applicants and identify the student hire
  • Prepare and send letter of offer. 
  • Once the student has accepted the position shared services will complete the onboarding process and notify you when the student can begin work
  • For more descriptive details on hiring student staff please visit the UE Business Operations Website.  

Sample Position Descriptions for Student Staff

In general, design students will be SA III or IV if they have advanced skills, particularly in video. Web development may be III or IV, again if they have advanced skills. Feel free to use or edit these.