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UE Communications Design supports the mission of Undergraduate Education by empowering units to create effective, on-brand designs. 

  • Providing consultation, design, and production support for high-priority projects that have the greatest potential to positively impact our students' educational experiences
  • Offering UE Comm CanvaPro Account 
  • Reviewing designs originating in the units to ensure that they meet UE and UC Davis policies and identity standards 
  • Providing mentorship for student designers in all units
  • Creating and providing resources to help units meet their design needs

Art Review 

  • Designs should meet UC Davis identity standards and be on-brand. You can request a consultation using the art review form.  
  • Campus-approved vendors may reject non-compliant art, delaying your project. 

Design Requests

  • All requests for design work should be submitted through the project request form. We do not have capacity to accept all requests. 
  • UE Comm has limited capacity to produce design projects. We are happy to provide mentorship and consultation. 
  • Please fill the project request form 30 days before you intend to submit your order to a vendor. Keep in mind that vendors will need an additional 30 day window for production.