UE Unit Logos Guidelines


UE Unit wordmarks are official UC Davis marks governed by campus policy.  By signing in to this page, you agree to the following:   

  1. Use only the electronic logo files provided by UE Communications.  
  2. Scale the files proportionally; maintain proportions.  
  3. Keep all elements of the logo together as a unit.  
  4. Maintain the minimum size standards.  
  5. Maintain the university branding colors, including the primacy of blue and gold.
  6. Follow the wordmark color guidelines. 
  7. Keep the logo prominent.  
  8. Follow all campus branding policies and procedures.  


  1. Try to recreate the logo.
  2. Add names or other type.
  3. Use the wordmark as part of a larger mark.
  4. Stretch, squash or otherwise distort the logo.
  5. Add or take away graphic elements.
  6. Make the logo too small.
  7. Put the logo over busy patterns, backgrounds or colors that obscure the readability of the logo.
  8. Split the wordmark or exchange the colors in the expanded wordmark. 


Instructions for accessing your logos: 

  1. Agree to the terms above and proceed to the next page by clicking the button below. 
  2. Click on Secure Log In on the Logos page. 
  3. You may be prompted by Box to login. If a pop-up appears, click on Continue.
  4.  Enter your credentials to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) if prompted. 
  5. Click on Close after you receive the message "You were logged in successfully." 
  6. The page will refresh. For security purposes, you will be asked to drag the white cloud into the dark cloud. 
  7. Once you have dragged the white cloud, you will see the approved logo suites. 
  8. To download, hover over the file name. 
  9. On the right hand side of the highlighted file, click on "..." (More Options)
  10. Click on Download
  11. Your files can be found in the zip folder. 

Agree and Continue