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Trumba Calendar Guide for SiteFarm

SiteFarm Step-by-Step: Trumba Calendar Guide



New Users

  • If you are new to Trumba, please login with the account If you do not have the login credentials and password, please email Sharon Knox. If your unit does not have a calendar, please contact Sharon for access.
  • Once you have your own calendar, on the main page, you should see something like this:



  • You can see that the Undergraduate Education calendar is checked on the left side, which is the master calendar. Your unit will be placed under this calendar, as you may notice some of the other units that have their calendar listed.
  • If you do not have a calendar for your unit, please contact
  • If you click on your calendar, you have the option to “Create Event”, which brings you to this page:



  • Through this form, you can fill in the details of the event you want to add. You can save it as a draft, preview it, or publish it.
  • Skip the section on Starting an Account in Trumba on the SiteFarm documentation page, as Undergraduate Education has one shared calendar. Continue below for the instructions for Existing Users to add a Trumba Spud to your SiteFarm website.


Existing Users

If you are an existing Trumba user, please review the guidelines below for how to add your Trumba calendar to your SiteFarm site.

  • The Trumba calendar is a SiteFarm block, and to add to a page, go to Shortcuts → Blocks or click Edit on the top right corner of the page and place a new block in the desired region.
  • To view all of the regions, go to Shortcuts → Blocks and click on Demonstrate block regions (SiteFarm One)
  • You will see three initial types of Trumba blocks that you can add
  1. Trumba Main Calendar Spud
  2. Trumba Open Spud
  3. Trumba Promotional or Control Calendar Spud


There is a subset of spuds for the Trumba Promotional or Control Calendar Spuds:

  1. Upcoming
  2. Date Finder
  3. Day Summary
  4. Search
  5. Month List
  6. View Chooser Tab
  7. Filter
  • You can select these options and experiment with the different varieties that are offered.
  • Below is a screenshot of what the calendar options would look like when you configure the block. You may notice the placeholder for “Web Name”, which should be the name of the public link for your calendar. A list of all of the public names are shown here (you can see the list of current UE calendars):


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