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How to Create a SiteFarm “People” Page

SiteFarm Step-by-Step: How to Build People Pages


A Person or People page is a page where you can put a directory or list of people on your site with their contact information. The layout is defaulted by SiteFarm and will have special icons/identifiers for contact information such as email and phone numbers.

Please follow the instructions below to create this page:

  • To start, go to Content → Add Content → Person

  • This will bring you to a “Create Person” page that allows you to fill out the respective fields for your people, including their name, contact information, title, unit, and an image


  • Structure → Taxonomy → Person Type → List Terms

    • Here you can see the list of categories for the types of people on your people page, and you can click Add term to create a new group

    • You can rearrange the order of the categories by simply dragging the name of the category, or you can reset the default listing to alphabetical order by clicking Reset to alphabetical

    • This will allow you to add categories to your people and structure them when clicking Edit → Categorizing → Person Type on your person block

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