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How to Make a Google Form

Setting up a Google Form is a great way to collect new content for your site or request data for your unit. 


Create Your Form

  • Navigate to your Google Drive
  • Select "New" in the upper left-hand corner of your window
  • Select "More" then "Google Forms"

create form

Add Questions

  1. Title your form
  2. Add more questions by clicking theplus
  3. Title each question
  4. There are several question types. Choose the one that best suits your need for each question:
    • Short Answer
    • Paragraph
    • Multiple Choice
    • Checkboxes
    • Dropdown
  5. Choose "Required" for any questions you do not want to be skipped

adding questions

Allow File Uploads

To allow file uploads, simply follow these steps:

  • Add a new question
  • Select the Question Type as shown in the image below
  • Select the "File upload" question type


  • The files that respondents upload will be sent to a folder in the Google Drive of the owner of your form. To enable this, click "CONTINUE"


  • If you only want respondents to upload certain types of files for this question, select "Allow only specific file types" and choose which ones to allow.file types

Make Form Visible to Everyone

New forms will automatically require a sign in to view. This can create problems when you embed the form on your SiteFarm site. Unless you have a specific reason to prevent non-UC Davis emails from using your form, we recommend changing this setting.

To allow all respondents to view your form, in the upper right-hand side of your window click the settings icon


Then uncheck "Restrict to users in UC Davis and trusted domains". 

restrict email

Share the Form

To share the form with other people who can edit the questions, select the 3 dots

add collaborators

Then click "Add collaborators"

To share the form with other people who can fill it out, select view form

view form

The form will now appear in a new window. Copy the link in the URL bar and send to anyone you want to view it.

Collect Responses on a Spreadsheet

To collect responses on a spreadsheet, select "Responses" and then click the spread sheet button


Create a new or select and existing spreadsheet and select CREATE

create a spreadsheet

New responses will automatically be added to this spreadsheet. If you add or remove questions to your form, the spreadsheet will add new columns to store the data. 

Get Notification Emails

To receive notification emails for each response, select "Responses"


Then check "Get email notifications for new responses"

email responses

The owner of the form will now receive an email when a new response is submitted

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