How to Create a Blog Page

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Creating a blog of value is an opportunity to showcase what your unit offers.

How To:

Create Your Article

Articles are pieces of writing that compose your blog.

  • To create your article, navigate to Shortcuts and select Add Content
  • Select “Article - Use articles for time-sensitive content like news, press releases or blog posts.”

Please read the SiteFarm documentation for more on creating an article.

Make Your Blog

Your blog is generated based on tags or categories. Tags are flexible such that articles can have multiple tags. On the other hand, categories are optional and articles can only have one category.

UE Communications Team recommends generating blogs using tags.

Adding Tags

To add a tag, first edit your article:

  • Select “Categorizing” under Additional Options

Additional Options
  • Add your keyword tags under “Tags”
  • To add multiple tags: Use commas to separate between multiple keywords
    • Example: Research, Undergraduate Education
  • If there is a number after your keyword: The number after a keyword is created automatically for tags that have been previously created. To use an already created tag, type your keyword and use your mouse to click from the drop down selection.
Here there are two tags: Undergraduate Education is a new tag we are creating and UE SiteFarm is our second tag that has previously been created, so we can select it to use it again.


Generating the Page

  • Each tag has a unique link in the form of “/tags/keyword”
FirstGen Stories page
The FirstGen site is using the tag “stories”, so the URL link is /tags/stories
  • If you are unsure of the URL link for the tag, visit your created article.
  • All articles with the same tag will appear in this URL link 
On the bottom of your article, you can view all of the tags associated to it. You may click on the tag to see the URL link or hover over it. Here, we hovered over the tag “Undergraduate Education” and we can see that the URL link is /tags/undergraduate-education

Add to Your Site

  • Your blog-formatted tag-based page can now be added to your menu or on any block.
  • To add your new page to the main menu, navigate to Shortcuts > Main Menu > Add Link
  • Add a title for the menu and include its corresponding URL link.

  • Similar to how you link new pages to your blocks, you may do the same with your tag-based page as long as you have the url link (/tags/keyword)

Note: Your article will not appear on your blog page if the article is unpublished. 

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