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How to Add Videos

Adding Videos brings variety to your site and encourages more user interaction.

How To:

Step 1: Upload Your Video to YouTube

Go to and click the "Create a video or post" icon:

create a video or post icon

Select the "Upload video" option:

select video option

Select the video file that you want to upload from your desktop:

select files to upload

Fill out pertinent information while the video is uploading and click "Publish". For additional instructions, visit the Google Help Center

Step 2: Grab the link

Navigate to the YouTube video that you want to add to your site. Then copy the entire URL in the address bar at the top of the page:

address bar

Step 3: Choose the Page or Block

All content types allow you to add a video in their main content area. This will show up along with the rest of the text in the center of the page. Simply go to Shortcuts > Add content. Choose your content type, and move on to Step 4!

content types

If you do not want the video in the main content area, or you do not have a main content block (such as on the People page), you can add the video to a block instead. Go to Shortcuts > Blocks > Place block > Add custom block. There are only two block types that allow video embedding - Basic blocks and Focus Boxes:

block types

Select the type of block you want (I would suggest the Basic block) and proceed to the next step.

Step 4: Embed Your Video

Once you have chosen your page or block type, you will embed the video in the body of the page or block. To accomplish this, select the URL icon:


Paste the URL of your YouTube video and click "Embed"

insert url

Now save your block or page and enjoy watching your new embedded YouTube video!

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