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COVID-19 Reporting Protocol: If you or a family member test positive

March 17, 2020

When you have personal knowledge of testing positive yourself for COVID-19, or an immediate family member testing positive, or know of a colleague who has tested positive, please adhere to the campus reporting protocol and immediately notify:

T-Shirts: Keep Costs Down Without Compromising Quality

January 17, 2019

By Steven Morse

You don't have to break the bank to make a great t-shirt. Just stick to a few basic principles, have a desirable design, and make smart choices. We recommend that you: 

  • Limit designs to one or two colors
  • Choose blue shirts, which offer the best visual contrast when paired with the UC Davis brand colors. White t-shirts also keep costs down.
  • Leverage the UC Davis Brand.
Price Comparison:

High-Priced t-shirt: 3 colors, 3 design placements (front, back, sleeve) on an upper-mid priced shirt