UE Communications Design supports the mission of Undergraduate Education by 

  • Providing consultation, design, and production support for high-priority projects that have the greatest potential to positively impact our students' educational experiences
  • Reviewing designs originating in the units to ensure that they meet UE and UC Davis policies and identity standards 
  • Providing oversight and guidance for student designers in all units
  • Creating and providing resources to help units meet their design needs

Art Approvals 

  • All art must conform to UC Davis identity standards and be approved by UEComm. If you have an existing design (such as a design created by your staff or student staff), please submit it for design review via the art approval form.  Projects will be reviewed for compliance with UC Davis and UE standards and policies. 
  • Non-compliant projects may be returned for correction. Non-compliant projects that are sent to vendors for production may be rejected by the vendor, delaying your project. 

Design Requests

  • All requests for design work should be submitted through the project request form. We do not have capacity to accept all requests. 
  • UE Comm reserves the right to accept or deny any project request based on the following criteria: Work capacity, campus standards and policies, and student impact
  • Please fill the project request form 30 days before you intend to submit your order to a vendor. Keep in mind that vendors will need an additional 30 day window for production.