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Connecting with Students

Connecting with students is a primary needs for our student-facing units. Whether you want to promote events or recruit applicants to your programs, here are some main channels.

UE-Originated Direct Communications to Students 

NEW! The SyllaBus Monthly Newsletter

UE is launching a monthly newsletter to share education-focused opportunities and stories! Do you have a timely feature, an event to promote, or a student profile to share? Submit your story request here. Requests for articles should be made no later than three weeks before the publication. 

Mass Emails

UE units can request to send mass e-mails to students. Your post must be approved by the AVP-UE prior to making your data request. Please see the Sending Mass Emails information for the process. 

What do I use to send my mass email? You may create emails using an email client such as MailChimp, Emma, or Constant Contact. You can also use campus bulk mail, which is free but does not allow formatting of any kind.

How do I request data? See the Sending Mass Emails information. 

Campus Channels

Student Housing and Dining Services

Connect with thousands of students living in campus residence halls using the channels offered on the Reaching the Residents website.  

You will find instructions and timelines for sharing information in the residence halls and dining commons via LCD monitors, half-sheet flyers, a weekly e-newsletter, and tabling.

Student Affairs Marketing and Communications

SAMC manages LCD screens in the MU and other campus locations; the Updater on MyUCDavis; the Student Life events calendar; and UC Davis Life Facebook and Instagram accounts. Their monthly newsletter, UC Davis Life, is specific to Student Affairs units and does not accept non-SA requests. 

In the Know Parent and Family Newsletter

The CAAA sends a monthly newsletter to all parents. New items are translated into Spanish and Mandarin. This is a great way to inform parents and families in the conversation about your unit's work. 

Planning and Consultations

Information is summarized on this Campaign Planning Sheet