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A Visual Guide to Block Types

SiteFarm comes with several built-in blocks. Here is what they look like. Information about how to use the blocks can be found on the SiteFarm site.

Basic Block

The Basic Block is the simplest block, with a WYSIWYG editor. It includes additional options to collapse the block or color the block with branding colors.

Basic block
With Branding Color
  • Color this block with branding color
Basic block with branding color
Collapsed and Expanded
  • Collapse this block
Collapsed basic block
Expanded basic block

Focal Link

The focal link offers a way to make a link stand out. It includes options to set the color, icon, and apply vertical link styles.

Focal link
Vertical Link
  • Display as a Vertical Link
Vertical link
Circle Style Vertical Link
  • Display as a Vertical Link
  • Use the Circle style
Focal link vertical circle

Focus Box

The focus box brings attention to a block of information and has a WYSIWYG editor. It includes options to set the color and image.

Focus box

Hero Banner

The hero banner is a full width image with a title on top. It is a great option for home pages. It includes options to include a video button, a button to any page, and text. Buttons can be square or round, and there are several built-in image effects.

Hero banner

Image Banner

The image banner is a simple way to add a full width image. It can be linked to a page.

Image banner

Marketing Highlight

The marketing highlight brings attention to a link, and also provides room for a description. It includes options to add a description, badge, and call to action button. There are also options to apply featured styling.

Marketing highlight
Featured Styling
  • Apply featured styling to this block
Marketing highlight featured

Marketing Highlight - Horizontal

Like the vertical marketing highlight, the vertical marketing highlight brings attention to a link. It offers room for a title, but no description.

Marketing highlight horizontal

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