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Using the Trumba Calendar

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Trumba is a calendar platform and the preferred calendar tool for UE SiteFarm sites. Trumba allows you to add your unit's events and display them on your website as well as the UE website.

Submitting Events

Adding an event to the UE Trumba calendar is easy! Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the UE Submit an Event page. You will need to log in with your CAS credentials.
  2. Fill out your event information. 
    • If you have a repeating event (ex. a weekly seminar), choose a "Repeat" option instead of making multiple event submissions.
    • We recommend adding an event image. It will help your event stand out on the calendar.
    • Write out the full name of your unit in the "Presented by" field.
    • If you are hosting an online event, remember to include the Zoom link in the event description.
  3. Click next, review your event information, then click Submit.
  4. Upon submitting, you will receive a confirmation email. Your event will be reviewed and posted on the UE calendar within 48 hours if approved.

Viewing the Calendar

The full UE calendar can be viewed from the UE Comm homepage or the UE calendar page

If you need full access to the Trumba calendar account, contact Sharon Knox at

Adding a Calendar to Your Site

We highly recommend using Trumba and adding a Trumba calendar to your site for several reasons:

  1. Trumba calendars are low maintenance. When listing event dates as text on basic pages, it becomes necessary to update the content once the dates pass. Trumba calendars, on the other hand, will update dynamically and display upcoming events.
  2. Your unit's events are centralized. Your unit's calendar becomes a one-stop shop for upcoming dates and events. Users do not need to visit multiple pages to locate date information.
  3. Undergraduate Education's events are centralized. All unit events added to Trumba are also added to the UE calendar. This makes it easier for UE Communications to locate your unit's upcoming events and promote them. It also makes it easier for you to schedule events with minimal time conflicts with other units' events.

If you are currently using the SiteFarm events mechanism, it is suggested you shift to Trumba.

Trumba Blocks

The Trumba calendar can be added to your site by using SiteFarm's built-in Trumba blocks. (If you are unfamiliar with adding blocks to a SiteFarm site, visit our Getting Started page.) There are three types of Trumba blocks:

  • Trumba Main Calendar Spud - The calendar itself
  • Trumba Promotional or Control Calendar Spud - A configurable block to allow for interaction with the main calendar 
    • Date Finder - clickable monthly calendar view
    • Day Summary - shows single-line entries summarizing the current day's events and times
    • Filter - if subcategories exist, users can filter for a more granular list of events
    • Month List - buttons to quickly change months
    • Search
    • Upcoming - what's coming up for the week
    • View Chooser tabbed - allows visitors to decide if they want the default detail list, a simple list, or the month view
  • Trumba Open Spud - A block for additional control options

Trumba Main Calendar Spud

When configuring the Main Calendar Spud, you will need to input a web name, which varies by unit.

Trumba web name field

The web names for the UE units are as follows:

Unit Web Name
Undergraduate Education uc-davis-undergraduate-education
Academic Advising uc-davis-academic-advising
Academic Assessment uc-davis-academic-assessment
Center for Educational Effectiveness uc-davis-center-for-educational-effectiveness
Center for Leadership Learning uc-davis-center-for-leadership-learning
First Year Seminars uc-davis-first-year-seminars
International & Academic English uc-davis-international-academic-english
Quarter at Aggie Square quarter-aggie-square
Summer Sessions uc-davis-summer-sessions
Undergraduate Research Center uc-davis-undergraduate-research-center
University Honors Program uc-davis-university-honors-program
Washington Program uc-davis-washington-program

Trumba Promotional or Control Calendar Spud

There are several spud types to choose from, which are listed above. To see examples of the spuds, visit SiteFarm's Trumba demo page.

When configuring your Promotional or Control Calendar Spud, you will need to indicate whether the spud is on the same page as the main calendar. If it is not, an additional field wil appear where you can enter the url of the main calendar.

Is it on the same page as the main calender field
Calendar url field

Trumba Open Spud

The Open Spud is similar to the Promotional or Control Calendar Spud, and offers a few extra spud types to control your main calendar. Instead of a drop down menu to select a spud type, there is a text field. The spud options are listed below. The spud name should be enetered exactly.

Spud type field

Spud Name: datefinder

Datefinder spud

Spud Name: mix

Mix spud

Additional Resources

For additional details about using Trumba blocks in SiteFarm, visit the SiteFarm documentation.

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