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UE Comm Activities - September 2020

UE Comm Activities - September 2020

Strategic Priorities for September:

  • Quarter at Aggie Square: Launch of first-ever program, Transformative Justice Studies. Strategic priorities: Chancellor’s priority; anti-racism in education; advancing a new academic program with a single staff member
  • Instructional guidance for faculty: CEE had a number of significant events, news, and reports to share in support of instruction in the new remote academic year. Strategic priorities: equity in instruction; evidence-based practices for instruction; supporting remote instruction

Quarter at Aggie Square

We have been excited to partner with one of UE’s newest initiatives: Quarter at Aggie Square’s first experience launched September 30. After building the website last winter, we’re getting ready for students.

  • Branding: navigating branding for a sub-brand not owned by UE was tricky. We came up with a strategy that honors the Aggie Square brand and separates the “Quarter At,” while leveraging the excitement of the new program and the new branding. We worked with Angela Taylor to develop one-sheets using Canva with vital information on each program including the class schedule and faculty profiles.
  • Image 1: Impactful SwagDigital Swag Pack: We were asked to create a swag pack to celebrate the launch. Our feeling: If swag is going digital, it has to be impactful. Together, we envisioned and created three QAS Zoom backgrounds, from classic to contemporary, and one custom background for Transformative Justice Studies. For that, we honored the TJE curriculum’s Five Pedagogical Stances, as well as the Oak Park neighborhood. With the program meeting remotely, we wanted to create a sense of place. We’re proud of this creative collaboration. The biggest compliment we received? Professor Maisha Winn shared our background on her Instagram!
  • News Team: Sharon was invited to be a contributor to the Aggie Square news team. She developed a communication plan with Tanya Perez and co-presented at the chancellor’s update. Her story was published in Dateline, the Aggie Insider, the Aggie Square newsletter, and shared by Chancellor May on Facebook.

Teaching, Learning, and Equity in the Remote Environment

September was a major month for CEE’s outreach to faculty. We provided design and communication collaboration for their many efforts:

  • Image 2Preliminary Report on Remote Learning: CEE has been regularly surveying students and faculty on tech readiness and teaching and learning since the pivot to remote learning at the end of winter quarter. In September, results were released in a preliminary report, Insights from Spring 2020 Remote Instruction: Results from surveys on remote learning and teaching. We implemented the new branding in CEE’s report, in collaboration with Meryl Motika, Tiffany Hodgens, Young-A Son and their team. The report was featured in Dateline and the Chancellor’s Friday Newsletter.
  • Student Learning Outcomes Symposium: We engaged in design and communication collaborations with Kara Moloney, Ann Glazer and Young-A Son for the Student Learning Outcomes Symposium. Focused on the Intersection of Assessment and Equity, the symposium had outstanding participation in its first- ever online format. As a follow-up, we are processing the conference videos for posting on the website.
  • For TA Orientation, Steven Morse rebuilt the TA’s Guide to Effective Teaching with CEE’s new, remote- learning-focused content, and managed the TAO App. This was a significant overhaul of the 115-page document. And for the New Faculty Workshop Sharon created an agenda that we have made into a fillable Word template for UE use.

Telling the UE Story:
Publicizing UE’s news and events

Further Contributions to Units and Initiatives:

  • The FirstGen initiative welcomed Jeanette Ruiz, Assistant Professor of Teaching in the Department of Communications, as Faculty Lead. And a big milestone: our social media team reached 2,000 followers – congratulations to student team lead Shannen Recio. We post weekly stories and rich content, including four new student profiles in September. Jeanette and Shannen presented at Orientation’s event for first gen families and EOP students.
  • Quarter in the Cloud webpage added to UE website to host clear information being sent to international students to encourage registration. Collaboration with Helen Schurke Frasier, Marco Molinaro, Ben Milliam.
  • Beyond the Barriers website is live; plans for an official campuswide launch are still pending. The initiative supports research on mass incarceration, and creates a network of services for the formerly incarcerated and system-impacted community. Sharon collaborates with professor Ofelia Cuevas and the initiative’s board on this project.
  • Instructional Needs Funding annual update for Matt Traxler

Unit Projects, Collaborations, Training, and Tools:

  • Image 3
  • UHP’s Class of 2020 Yearbook and Senior Research Booklet, completed this month, are great tools for new student recruitment and alumni engagement. Steven Morse collaborated with Kate Stevenson to complete the project.
  • Summer Sessions Consultation: Sharon and Steven consulted with Ginger Welsh. Drawing on our four years of responsibility for Summer Sessions marketing and communication prior to the hiring of a full-tie director, we provided information about the Summer Sessions website’s shared ownership with the Regristrar and BIA and made introductions to essential staff; discussed key dates and decisions in the Summer Sessions cycle to support the development of a communication plan for AY 20-21,, and identified ways to collaborate on the development of communication deliverables in Canva.

Web Development:

  • University Honors Program Application: Web developer Darren Marks has been collaborating with UHP staff to create a new application, which launched just in time for the new academic year.
  • TA Orientation application: is wrapping up with the remaining makeup session.
  • FYS Application: new enhancements, including access for co-instructors to edit proposals, are in the testing phase. Once FYS staff complete testing the updates can be implemented.
  • Student Web Developer Kelly Chan provided collaborative support for the IAE, Washington, UHP and more.

Empowering Unit Communications:

  • Canva Trainings: Since our all-staff presentation, Steven Morse has provided customized Canva trainings to CLL, Academic Assessment, Summer Sessions, and URC staff. Units can request Canva trainings by emailing Steven at  smorse@ucdavis.edu
  • Zoom Backgrounds: Our growing collection of Zoom backgrounds customized for the UE, Units, and Initiatives are a great way to represent in the remote environment. We also created an Email Signatures page with simple instructions for creating a campus-branded signature.
  • Word Templates: We created Word templates using new campus branding including an agenda and a recruitment flyer – see Academic Advising Enrichment’s Executive Director position listing.
  • The Syllabus: Units are invited to submit content for The Syllabus, our newsletter for all undergraduates. Our initial run left the station on October 1 with news about CLL, URC, and QAS. More in the October update, but initial open rate was an impressive 67%. (Staff were invited to submit content at the all-staff, unit leads, and via e-mail; thanks to Christie Navarro, E Nuñez, and Ginger Welsh for connecting.

Coming in October:

  • A planned leadership newsletter themed on “What Went Right” is in progress. The newsletter will benefit from including reports from several units that are still in progress.
  • Official Launch of The Syllabus
  • UE Comm website Marketing Toolbox in development
UE Comm is: Sharon Campbell Knox | Steven Morse | Darren Marks | Kelly Chan (student)
Send questions, comments, or feedback to scknox@ucdavis.edu

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