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Maintaining Your People Page

The People page is the SiteFarm page where you typically list your unit's staff and their contact information. This page is automatically styled by SiteFarm, so you'll never directly edit the page. Instead, you can add and remove people, as well as edit their information.

Adding a Person

Person Type dropdown field
  1. Visit Content → Add Content → Person.
  2. This page offers a number of fields to fill out for the new person. You will likely want to add Name, Image, Contact, and Office Location.
  3. You'll also likely want to place the person in a category. The people in each category will automatically be placed under their respective headings on the People page. To assign the person to a category, click Categorizing in the right sidebar, then select a Person Type from the dropdown menu.

Customizing the Person Type Categories

  1. Visit Structure → Taxonomy → Person Type → List Terms.
  2. This page lists the Person Types. To add a Person Type, click "Add Term".
  3. To remove Person Types, click the arrow next to the Edit button on the term.
  4. After editing the Person Type categories, they will be accessible from the dropdown in the People editing form.

Primary Category