Maintaining Your People Page

The People page is the SiteFarm page where you typically list your unit's staff and their contact information. This page is automatically styled by SiteFarm, so you'll never directly edit the page. Instead, you can add and remove people, as well as edit their information.

UE Roundtable: TikTok 101

During our last UE Communicators roundtable, Julissa Ventureño Silva Alexandra from the First Generation Initiative's social media team shared tips for using TikTok and Instagram Reels to boost your social media presence. View the presentation below or on Canva.

Using the Trumba Calendar

Trumba is a calendar platform and the preferred calendar tool for UE SiteFarm sites. Trumba allows you to add your unit's events and display them on your website as well as the UE website.

Creating Accessible Content

A variety of people may be accessing your site, so it is important to keep your content accessible. Some users, such as those with visual impairments, may be using screen readers when using your site. Those with hearing impairments may not be able to rely on auditory cues from content like videos. Here are a few steps you should take to maintain accessibility.

A Visual Guide to Block Types

SiteFarm comes with several built-in blocks. Here is what they look like. Information about how to use the blocks can be found on the SiteFarm site.

Basic Block

The Basic Block is the simplest block, with a WYSIWYG editor. It includes additional options to collapse the block or color the block with branding colors.

Sizing Images for Responsive Pages

When designing your site, it's important to take steps to ensure pages are both readable and aesthetically pleasing at all screen sizes, small and large. In SiteFarm, there are significant limitations to scaling up images to the full width of a container. Images can only be scaled up to 640×480 or 1280×720 dimensions, which is often not large enough (exact dimension options here). In general, this means bigger images are necessary to avoid these issues.

Web Text Guidelines

When working on a page in SiteFarm, it's important to follow good formatting standards so that your readers can quickly find information. It also helps to have consistent formatting so that our brand is recognizable.

UE Comm Activities - September 2020

UE Comm Activities - September 2020 Strategic Priorities for September:
  • Quarter at Aggie Square: Launch of first-ever program, Transformative Justice Studies. Strategic priorities: Chancellor’s priority; anti-racism in education; advancing a new academic program with a single staff member
  • Instructional guidance for faculty: CEE had a number of significant events, news, and reports to share in support of instruction in the new remote academic year.