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UE Communication 

  • Provides Strategic and Creative Communication Services for Undergraduate Education. 

Our Mission

  • We select projects that have the highest potential to impact the quality of student education.

  • UE Communications supports Undergraduate Education and its units by providing services, consultations and oversight to ensure that communications in all media are of the highest quality, consonant with UE’s stated values, and in alignment with UC Davis’s identity standards.  We advocate the paramount importance of undergraduate education campus wide by communicating on behalf of UE and collaborating with partners across campus. 

What We Do

  • UE Comm establishes and upholds standards for communications.  We provide services, consultations, and review of materials prepared for public dissemination including websites, marketing and promotional materials, signage, public correspondence, and articles.

 We Provide Services That

  • Support UE entities in articulating and expressing their messages and mission through all communications – print and digital, visual and verbal. 
  • Ensure the highest standard of quality for public communications originating from UE and its units.
    • Ensure that all communications conform to UC Davis branding and identity standards, as well as UE’s branding and identity standards.
    • Communications are written clearly, correctly, concisely, in language appropriate to its audience, context, and purpose.
    • Visual communications are purposeful, effective, and memorable while positively representing the campus to internal and external audiences.
    • Websites are fully accessible, organized for ease of use, and reflect membership in the UE organization.

2018-19 Unit Goals

  1. Unify UE core and unit communications around a shared brand and identity.
  2. Create outstanding communications for VP-office projects and high-priority, high-impact projects including development efforts.
  3. Empower UE units to create effective communications.
  4. Amplify our communications to campus, system, and donors.