UE Comm web services include support for 

UE and its units own approximately 15 campus websites.  All UE websites must conform to campus standards for identity and accessibility, and follow Strategic Communications' best practices for websites. In addition, UE websites should follow UE standards.

Units are responsible for creating their own content and maintaining up-to-date information. UE Comm offers several types of support.

Support for UE Websites: 

  • Startup for new websites: we collaborate on planning, design, and implementation.  
    • Units are primarily responsible for providing content.
    • To request a consultation for a new website, please {...}
  • Updating existing websites: 
    • To request an update, please complete the web update form
    • Updates are largley managed by our student team. While our students typically complete jobs within 24-48 hours (more if the job is complex), expect delays associated with the academic year, including limited support during final week and vacations periods.

Web Applications

In partnership with OCP-ISPS, we offer custom online application design and support for high-impact projects, consistent with the UE Mission. 

Please note that creating applications is a lengthy

  •  Website
    • Cascade (CMS) website implementation, enhancement and maintenance
    • Integration with social networking services (e.g. blogs, Twitter, Facebook)
    • Integration of Google Services (e.g. maps, charts, docs, forms, plus)
  • Website Applications:
  • Criteria for web applications: