Please review campus guidelines for photography.  

Photo Resources:

  • UC Davis campus photos:

    • Thousands of high-resolution, professional quality photos taken by UC Davis’s photographers are available through the UC Davis photo DAM. Logging in via Kerberos will give you access to a much greater range of photos than is available to the public.

  • UE Photo Collection:

    • UE has accumulated a large number of photos in the past five years, currently stored in the UE Comm Google Drive UE Photo Collection folder. You may view and download photos, but do not create new subfolders.  

    • We are looking into other options that are more amenable to photo sharing.

    • By downloading our photos you are agreeing to UC Davis policies governing images of students.

  • Other resources:

    • Google Images searches can yield useful photos, but images may be licensed. Use the tools to search for images marked for reuse, and be sure to follow any attribution guidelines.

    • Wikimedia Commons offers photographs that may be shared; be sure to follow attribution guidelines.

    • Stock photography purchased from companies may be useful.

Requesting UE photography:

  • To request a photo shoot, please complete the “Photography” request form  

  • You should receive a reply within 48 hours. If you do not, please email

  • **Our photographer is a student and his availability is subject to change throughout the academic year.

  • After processing, you will receive a link to photos posted on UE Comm’s Google Drive or Google Photos account.

Photography Equipment:

  • The point-and-shoot digital camera is available for use - email to ask about borrowing it.

VIDEOGRAPHY: Content is forthcoming.