Promotional Material Development Process

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Design appointments are intiated through our 'request a project' form

Drop in hours: 1 pm -- 3pm, Monday through Friday. 

UEComm is happy to consult with you on your upcoming promotional material or ‘swag’ needs. The steps to production are given below.

  1. Submit a request. Choose the tab labeled ‘project’. Enter information about the project.
  2. Once the project request form has been received by UEComm, the design team will reach out to you to set up a time for an initial consultation. During the consultation with the design team, they will work with you to the determine scope of work, and describe to you the process from initial concept to completing a product.
    1. Meeting will determine the type and quantity of promotional materials. This includes ‘swag’ type items and design suites.

    2. The design team will discuss the timeline, anticipated costs and tasks involved with production.

    3. Assign tasks: the design team will work with you to determine which tasks involved in production will be handled by UEComm, and which will be handled by your unit.

  3.  Design work begins.
    1. Logo design: the design team will often create multiple versions or choices of a logo based on a core concept.

    2. Brochures, posters and flyers: the design team will initially create one draft which can be modified during the revision process.

4. Revision process.

    1. The team will contact you after the design work begins to present initial drafts of the promotional materials.

    2. The design team will determine the number of appropriate revisions on a per project basis.

5. Artwork/design finalized.

    1. After the revisions process, the design team and you will agree upon the final design that will go into production.

6. Production process.

    1. The design team will help you select an appropriate vendor to produce your materials in a timely fashion. Please note that rush orders (less than 15 day turn around) often have higher costs associated with production.

    2. Together, you and the design team will determine who is going to process the production order with the vendor and pre-purchasing.

    3. The staff responsible for the production order will follow through with the chosen vendor.